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Andrew Hair

Flat Iron Travel Bags

September 7 2016 , Written by Andrew Myers

Flat Iron Travel Bags

Traveling is usually associated with lack of time. Needless to deny, we, human beings, often do everything the last moment, even the most disciplined and organized of us cannot avoid such situations.

Imagine you had straightened you hair, just before you realized that you were run of time. Your flat iron (Dove Pro Age) is hot and thus difficult to transport. What are the options available? Do you want to wait for it to cool down? Obviously, no!

Then you have nothing to do, but make flat iron travel bags!

First thing to do is to decide what size is suitable. It solely depends on your flat iron’s size. The bigger your flat iron the larger your bag should be. Or probably, you may want to put two flat irons in a bag. All options are to be taken into account.

Average size is 6×12″. Flat iron travel bag of the size will require quilted and heat resistant fabrics in 13×13″ squares.


  1. Lay the wrong sides of the heat resistant fabric and quilted fabric together.
  2. Zigzag around or serge 4 edges.
  3. Trim your quilted fabric if want.
  4. Add some ric-rac to make it colorful.
  5. Now it is time to make the top of the bag: fold 1/2 inch of the quilted fabric down onto the silver lining on one side of the square.
  6. Stitch down.
  7. Fold the square in half with the stitched side to the top and with the quilted fabric on the inside – right sides together.
  8. Pin and stitch the bottom and the side.
  9. Turn the bag right side out.
  10. Now put your flat iron inside

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