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Andrew Hair

Pimple in Ear

August 21 2015 , Written by Andrew Myers

Pimple in Ear

Although pimple are very usual skin problems, they also known as zits or acne. They normally formed on your face or body, and sometimes they can actually show up inside our ear canal, behind ear of on the ear lobule.

How Is the Pimple Caused?

First of all, we have to have some basic knowledge about our ear canal. The ear canal need oily fluid to stay lubricated, this secretion of oily is move out of your ear each day, which is known as ear wax.

When the path of these oily fluid is blocked, a pimple might formed. This blockage might due to excessive secretion of oil or just too many dirt or dead sink tissue has accumulated.

Do you know the pimples inside ear are very easy to get infected?

We normally scratch our ear when anything gets into it. This is our body’s self-defense.

However the negative thing about this is we give a germs a chance to get inside of our ear canal. We have plenty germs that is waiting for this chance under the fingernails. Children are more prone to this problem, since they like to play with sand or animals and forgot to wash their hands before they start to scratch their ears. When germs get into your ear, your pimple will be easy to get infected then turn to a red-color pimples which you might also feel some pain from them.

Infected Pimple vs Furuncles

Boils are a result of infected hair follicle. You might just pull the hair inside your ear canal by scratch or poke with cotton swab, then the follicle root are damaged and prone to infection.

Blackheads and Whiteheads

When your outer ear gets infected, normally you can see lots of blackheads or perhaps whiteheads are around your ear.

Just remember you have to get rid of them if they are blackheads, since this blackheads can easily turn into a painful pimples which are more difficult to handle with.

The best way to get rid of them would be wipe them off after you have a long hot shower. The heat and moist can really open up your skin pore around the ear which make the clean process a lot easier, you can use a warm and wet hand towel to wipe your both ears.

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