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Andrew Hair

Top Men Hairstyles 2014 Summer

August 9 2014 , Written by Andrew Myers Published on #Hairstyles

One of the top hairstyles in 2014 summer is the undercut. You can find it’s so popular during the Word Cup and here are some more. Here are many pictures for more sexy hairstyles for men with shaved sides.

To a simple combine both slick hair and facial shape, the undercut is the best option. If you’re the big fan of soccer players, you can frequently see these hairstyles. You can apply some hair products to maintain this shape- such as grooming clay. Baxter Clay Pomade works very well for regular hair types.

Here are many hairstyles with shaved sides can’t be beat in this shape. The haircut comes with wide and loose hair on the top of head is perfect compared with the haircut that keeps every hair slicked in place. These haircuts are very popular among movie stars. To maintain its shape, you can find more hair product in online store.

How to get this look? Here are is a brief step-by-step guide to teach you. Using comb to get hair back, but you need to follow the direction of the shaved side of the hair. Keep the hair by your figures. With a hair conditioner, it can be shaped all the day long.

Another popular haircut is this spiked undercut haircut. The difference is you should take your hair soft and down at one of the shaved sides. Your barber will add more texture to the bang if you would like. The different angle of the hair brings different effects. You should consider your face shape. This haircut is great option for oval facial shape. You can wear this hairstyle so that the look is pretty good.

Shaved sides are good choice for all ages. It never fails to fascinate younger boys, including Justin Bieber, MattyB, Dominic Scott Kay, etc. as it comes with various variants. You can get this hairstyle with different angles.

shaved hairstyles for men
shaved hairstyles for men
shaved hairstyles for men

shaved hairstyles for men

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